There are lots of differences when having sex or dating older women. Here are some major points worthy of note andhow they are different in both women

  1. Reliability: Older women are more reliable than younger women. When it comes to meeting up with a deadline and keeping a schedule for meets anddates, older women are way better. The younger women tend to be quite tricky and also forgetful at times, and apart from this, you must handle them with caution.
  2. Compliance: Younger women are more compliant than the older ones. They would quickly go with any decision you take or make easily than an older woman would. This is because older women do not agree to pathways for new things; they would instead remain there then have someone change that for them.
  3. Drama: With older women, there is no drama at all. Women that are above 33 always ten to be less dramatic than the younger ones that can get touchy an also complain about any little thing.
  4. Quality of Sex: You would be surprised that the older women do it better here, and that could be because they are more relaxed in bed than younger women, and they also understand their bodies better than younger women, after many years of experience.
  5. Longevity of Relationships: If you are looking for something very serious, then an older woman is best for you. They want to getinto long and consistent relationships also. This means if a long relationship is your target, then older women is what you should go for.

General conclusion:

There is none that is better off than the other. It all depends on your preference and where you think you might get that from.