Whether you are married to, or you are in a relationship with someone that is older than you with a few years or having sex with older women have always been your fantasy, then there is nothing to be ashamed about, and you might even find the sex rewarding also.

If you want to have sex with women, then you need to know that all women are different, regardless of their age. Communication is essential in securing a sexual relationship regardless of the age of partners.

Here is a list of five things you can do to help improve the sex

  1. Embrace the gap:This is quite important when you are having sex with an older woman, to a young man looking for whom to hook up with andan older woman who wants a committed relationship, sex can be two different things entirely. Men see sex has a primary way of connecting physically with your partners while women see it has an emotional and physical one.
  2. Put past relationships into consideration: Some older women also consider if it is okay in being interested in someone that is younger than you. This means older women have that tendency of questioning her own wishes to having sex even if the relationship has been materially building up over time.
  3. Never make her hate her boy: Since everything would not be just like they used to, some older women find it embarrassing to reveal their body to someone who is much younger than they are. Older women can make use of lingerie; it would help keep the heat on and also cover the parts of boy you want.
  4. Reassure Yourself the Relationship Is Acceptable: You need to always reassure yourself of that expect one person is below the legal age. This means that there is nothing wrong with having sex with someone younger than you.

Take all the time you need: Sex with an older woman should be slow and more thoughtful. You do not need a quickie; you need to enjoy the sex at the pace which it is coming.